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The street foot out of"beauties of spring full park" night club contains 10,000 much even rices, the convenience cans not find customer's parking of car, small smallly fly a party can have how many persons, incredibly use a phrase in"rounding is full"?
Long Er's thinking to oneself still has already trapped a monster of still the ability of the Dou, even if Mo Lao Wu gets up all hand concentrations and also is just a situation of nobody wins, oneself besides has a Cao house, police's bureau chief secretly gives support, and also the one who want to explain to win with the fact in the public in front says for king hurting as Kou being not the truth, :"The persons of cupboard meeting all in beauties of spring full park, afraid that forces hair, Liao learns a soldier, your platform beats well, I take, however ……" Luo is China to urgently and urgently interrupt his words:"The beauties of spring full park has how many cupboards the person of meeting?"
"At least more than 500 people."
Luo is China to slowly let go of a telephone:"The hooligan has more than 1,000 persons."
Long Er holds firmly a fist and turns a head toward the Gu dynasty sun way:"Bureau chief Gu, your especially don't the Jing troops still start out?"
Gu dynasty the sun take orders to win as the principle of the king's person who bends with the wind, which the side is strong and then pour to which side, secretly intend that the under charge influence that wait them fires away to divide a victory or defeat again certain support who, considering as his words don't hear.
The Cao livings a tide sneer way:"Mo Lao Wu, Liao learns a soldier, if you don't observe regulations, don't also blame me Don't mention it."
"You are a rule guardant?Who give you this qualifications?"Liao learns a soldier to say.
The Cao livings two attendants that the tide brings suddenly to pull out pistol from the armpit, difference crest the head that wear Liao to learn soldier and Mo Lao Wu, jet black gun muzzle deeply is an algidity.The Cao livings tide to shake:"No one entitles to, however, I also disallow someone to violate rule."
The rule is a person the creation is used to support order, when the rule not agrees with the development of matching the ages, social progress, will be overturned.
Yu orchid basin will internal member of fight have never been like at a time to so nakedly put to appear on stage noodles.
Fix Luo the torrent current inside the field flow out, with crest wear 2 people the pistol of the head for the eddy center outwardly spread, is like the flame that the sharp razor blade, Ultrasaurus sprays to vomit, the Yin breeze of nose hell, more than ten tycoons and more than ten attendants, staff member, judge, health care the doctor be all musted breathe heavily by book however annoy, this atmosphere imitates the eve that Buddha's World War II for 30's in last century will break out, everybody feels fear, expectation, in the heart nervously plan judgment, judge the hour and size up the situation, hope storm to hurry approach, the but again will arrive non-arrival in storm of nervous.
Cao's livingsing tide is still smiling of face already become chill to the bone:"Again emphasize, my not pleased other people disregards my existence."
Other owners didn't take a gun, is the hand that the Cao livings a tide arrangement to be responsible for a check while entering, he unexpectedly and early has been already premeditated.Each members Er worry my Zha, each is old to strive for to deeply calculate, but neglect at the time, unexpectedly want to take precautions against a Yu orchid of basin will of prepare and plan.
The Cao livings tide to do so beneficial have a fraud.A side of the benefit is significant exaltation reputation, conveniently solve Mo Lao Wu, a side of the fraud is to let the others have already been vigilant to him mental.However since calculate this one step, also fear have no empress wear?Ground only afraid up don't know Fu how much knife ax hand, etc. he to fall off the cup as number.
Control owner to cut off impossibly certainly, list doesn't say those complex relations, the wealth, power controled by each person didn't know to add how much way insurance, let son niece, the confidant helps to take a management in order to cope with an urgent circumstance, or make use of various password carries on keep secret, and last will and testament of legal effect.The Cao livings tide demand this matter because of snobbish lead enough, don't need to threaten others to obtain their benefitses.
Mo Lao Wu once sees numerous strong wind surges and only ordered unwilling praying mantis to catch a cicada, incarnation Huang Qiao's Cao livingsed tide, inattentive a smile:"I am what plays a mafia.Grew you to kill me, seeing your those industrieses canned also operate as usual."

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